The perils of GIS mapping. I'm sure this gentle fella only wanted to take a nibble of my hat...the recovery is going well, thank you.

GPS-savvy viewers can visit my dentulous friend at UTM: 11S 0416650E / 3719125N.

Fusulinids & Rutile
Tony Soeller's UC Irvine Home Page

Network & Academic Computing Services
Research Computing Support
At UCI my title is Research Computing Specialist. (At home I am known by the title of One Who Feeds Me Catfood.) I am the campus software technical contact for ArcGIS, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, SAS, SPSS, SigmaStat, LabVIEW and Lasergene, and UCI's technical contact and Academic Associates Program representative for the San Diego Supercomputer Center computing resources.

I'm also the campus GIS Guy and I do much to support faculty and other researchers directly with their GIS project work.

I have a couple of degrees in geology and I'm a Registered Geologist in California, but I don't get to practice geology professionally much these days. However, once geology is in your blood the curiosity never wanes. It's a lifetime of discovery. As such, there is some geology curiosa below.


Geographic Information Systems

ArcGIS Procedures
PDF files, some with screenshots, showing procedures on how to process GIS data.

ArcGIS Tips
Short tips for processing data within ArcGIS

ArcGIS Solutions
Solutions to some problems that we encountered while working with ArcGIS.

ArcGIS ArcObjects Programs
ArcObjects programs

Intro to ArcGIS Class Notes
"Intro to ArcGIS" class notes and exercises

ESRI-related information
ESRI digital books in PDF format; the site license; GIS data

GIS projects at UCI
GIS projects with faculty and researchers at UCI.

UCI Stuff

UCI Flora
UCI has an arboretum which is at the northern campus away from the main campus. Lots of fine plants there to explore. On the main campus I sought out these flora for your viewing pleasure.

Campus Benchmarks
Seeking out benchmarks is a geeky thing, true enough. But these classic brass benchmarks are remnants from the early days of the campus. I've found seven so far. Find them yourself with a GPS receiver and the coordinates I provide.

Some Personal Stuff

Crystal pix
A few pictures of my fiancee Crystal.

Kixx pix
Veloci-pussycat and Master of the household.

Europe 2001
Here are pix from the first leg of Crystal's and my Europe trip during the entire month of September 2001.

Piute Pass Backpack Trip 2003
My two sons and I had a wonderful backpacking trip in the eastern Sierra over Piute Pass and into Humphreys Basin and the Golden Trout Lakes.

South Coast Plaza Orchid Show 2004
If you love orchids, here are some samples from the show at South Coast Plaza, February 8, 2004.

A Laguna Beach diabase
Certainly I'm not the first to find this outcrop, but I found it none the less. This picture, housed at the splendid California Coastal Records Project web site, shows an outcrop situated at the very northern end of Laguna Beach on the shore. Notice the radiating columnar joints just above the guano patch on the left side of the picture. The rounded mound in the top center of the picture may have been, well, rounded by wave action when the now-elevated marine terrace was at sea level. The mound is within a gated community and so if anyone can get me an invitation I would like to explore the geology therein. The rock is igneous and appears to be a diabase, that is, a molten rock that didn't get a chance to flow out onto the earth's surface.

Glen Aulin Backpack Trip 2004
My two sons and I had a wonderful backpacking trip in the northern Sierra into the Glen Aulin area north of Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park. We had perfect weather and enjoyed the grand vistas and glacial geology of the high Sierra.
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