A Table of Contents generator for HTML documents

What's New

Wed Feb 6 15:43:40 PST 2002

Another alternative to htmltoc has been created called hypertoc. Information about hypertoc is available at <>. This version provides a module implementation along with a (much needed) reworking of the parsing engine using standard Perl modules.

Sun Jun 17 09:39:22 PDT 2001

A new program called ExplorerIndex has been created, based upon htmltoc, providing new, and fancier, features. Information about ExplorerIndex is available at <>. Since the development of htmltoc has been stagnant for the past few years, ExplorerIndex is worth a look.

What is htmltoc

htmltoc is a Perl program to generate a Table of Contents (ToC) for HTML documents. htmltoc can create a ToC for a single HTML file or multiple HTML files. htmltoc also has the ability to inline a ToC for an HTML file.


You get all the usage information on htmltoc by reading the documentation.


The latest version of htmltoc is 1.2.1. You can grab the tar file htmltoc1.2.1.tar.gz (27204 bytes) by HTTP.

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